Snapshot of Load Changes, California (CAISO) and New York City regions (NYISO NYC): an Addendum

LCG, April 6, 2020 -- Jeremy Platt, Palo Alto has made some additional observations of impact of COVID - 19 on electricity demand using the grid operators data published by LCG. This note extends the results reported on March 27, 2020. The magnitudes of load reduction are very different due to the different sizes of these regions, but the times and scales of sharp reductions of ~ 16% are remarkably similar

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California PUC Targets Doubling Renewable Energy by 2030

LCG, March 27, 2020--The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) yesterday unanimously approved a new emissions target for its electric sector that would double California's clean energy capacity through 2030 and effectively block new natural gas-fired electric generating facilities.

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Industry News

Cow Power

LCG, March 15, 2002--Energy Northwest considers manure as a viable source of electricity.

The public power provider has been investigating the possibility of using methane from dairy cows to power a 3 or 4 megawatt power plant. Cows in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho may be involved with producing "biogas;" the northwest constitutes eight percent of U.S. dairy production.

Right now cows can produce a little less than a third of a kilowatt per cow, although some studies report up to nine-tenths of a kilowatt. Naturally occurring bacteria produces the methane from manure and can be put to efficient use by mixing manure and water in a tank at elevated temperatures (130 F). Methane gas rises from the liquid and is ready to be combusted in a modified diesel generator.

While the fuel may be free, a methane plant will cost almost three times as much per kilowatt as wind power. Energy Northwest business developer Stan Davison said that the cost is justified because manure-powered plants can operate at 90 percent, instead of the 30 percent that wind yields yearly.

Energy Northwest has yet to find investors for the project.

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