Impacts of COVID-19 Virus on Electricity Demand

LCG, March 27, 2020 -- Jeremy Platt, an energy scientist, Palo Alto has made some early analysis of impact of COVID -19 on electricity demand using the grid operators data published by LCG. Data from several areas of the country offer early and near real-time views of impacts of the economic slowdown due to evolving regional and statewide coronavirus mitigation strategies.

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California PUC Targets Doubling Renewable Energy by 2030

LCG, March 27, 2020--The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) yesterday unanimously approved a new emissions target for its electric sector that would double California's clean energy capacity through 2030 and effectively block new natural gas-fired electric generating facilities.

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Industry News

Business Group Supports New Wisconsin Transmission Line

LCG, Jan. 3, 2001A group called Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce yesterday urgedfor approval of a new electric transmission line through the northern part of the state, saying the new facilities were necessary to ensure adequate energy for Wisconsin homes and businesses.

The Arrowhead-Weston line has drawn fire from farmers whose land it would cross and environmentalists despite annual summer power shortages in the state. The line is planned so that more electric power can be imported from Minnesota and Canada.

Eric Borgerding, the group's director of legislative relations, said failure to approve the line "couldcondemn Wisconsin workers and their families to years of economic darkness."

That may be a stretch, but Borgerding noted that "Despite aggressive conservation efforts, our state's electricity usage continues to grow at a rate of 3 percent per year. At times when electricity is in greatest demand, our undersized, aging transmission system simply can't keep up."

For the past three years, Wisconsin industries have been subjected to voluntary load curtailment, when large customers with interruptible contracts reduce usage in order to relieve strain of the power system. "In the thirty years since we built our last major power line, our transmission system that bringsenergy into Wisconsin has become clogged, choking off the lifeblood of our economy," Borgerding said.

"Growth in this demand is an undeniable fact. We cannot wait for promised new technologies wehope will meet our energy needs some time down the road. We cannot conserve our way out of thisproblem. We cannot build enough windmills, assuming there is no local opposition, to even comeclose to meeting our electricity demand growth. We cannot sit by and discuss 'preferred' alternativesto Arrowhead-Weston that have not been proposed and have no sponsors. We cannot becomeCalifornia," he concluded.

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